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#Impress – Welcoming your new employee with an employee on-boarding kit

Update: This campaign is closed 🙁 However, we still do bulk orders for single delivery/pickup. Contact us for more!

Start their journey in your company with feeling appreciated and welcomed. Don’t appear empty-handed on their first day of work.


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Do you remember your first day at work? 


It’s exciting, but at the same time, also very nerve-wracking.


After going through the tedious job application and interview process, you’ve finally been offered the opportunity to work at the company you desire. You arrive eagerly on the first day, on time, and what greets you could be 2 scenarios:


  1. You meet the HR personnel, who introduces you to everyone, sits you down to go through the standard company policies and HR guidelines and passes you the usual onboarding kit – laptop, employee pass, access card, office supplies etc – and you are asked to proceed to look for your manager.
  2. You’re welcomed by someone already anticipating your arrival, who leads you to your neat desk decorated with a beautiful onboarding kit with greetings.


First impression matters. Onboarding is the perfect opportunity to win that new employee’s heart and mind, and assure them they have made the right decision and are on their way to embark a marvellous journey with your company.


Why does employee onboarding kit matters?

Companies often overlook the importance of internal branding and marketing. Regardless of how marvellous your company’s products are, or how much revenue your company generate, it is irrefutable that your biggest assets are still your employees.


Impress them so they can impress you too.


The key benefits of an employee onboarding kit is that it instils employee pride. Employee engagement is an entire study by itself and getting that first touch with your employees right goes a long way to keep them engaged and motivated.


As we slowly shift to the era where most millennials (and even Gen Z) are in the workforce, the way we approach engaging employees requires a paradigm shift. Millennials and Gen Z love to feel that appreciation from their company. To which they would return with higher efficiency and better performance. It’s no longer the era where the administrative employee onboarding routine of mere paperworks and office supplies would cut it.


Branding and culture through the act of gifting


The employee onboarding kit immediately immerses your employee in the experience of what your company is about. A cohesive company culture that cherishes their employees and values their well-being.


Internal branding is of much importance as external branding. Your employees represent your brand and they spread the word-of-mouth of how great your company is to work at.

What we can provide for you to include in your employee onboarding kit?


While we are, first and foremost, specialists in supplying corporate apparels, we also do carry some gifts that we could recommend.



Check out our full guide on how to customise apparels with Newsy Prints!


This is the most obvious choice! However, most companies still do not have the culture of employees wearing their corporate custom apparels to work. Corporate apparels can be a useful tool to instil employee pride, and at the same time, reduce the need for them to dig through their wardrobe to impress their colleagues.


Dri-fit or Cotton T-Shirts with customised printing

Custom printed T-Shirts with Corporate Logo


They are affordable, comfortable and an excellent promotional tool. Providing them with a comfy t-shirt makes them feel at home. 


We recommend either a dri-fit (Micro Fibre Interlock) or a Tetron Cotton Flat Knit round neck t-shirt for the comfort wear


Polo T-Shirts with embroidery for a more executive look

Custom embroidered Polo T-Shirts


They are more professional looking, with an executive look. It is perfect for that business casual look, and at the same time, you could ditch the traditional company policy of wearing formal wear to convey professionalism (it is exhibited more so through performance than appearance)


We recommend Tetron Cotton Lacoste or PK for the more professional look.

Executive Jacket with a classy look

Custom-printed Jacket / Windbreaker


A practical use for the air-conditioned office that is too chilly to work at. 


We recommend the Executive Jacket for the professional look or a Windbreaker for a more casual vibe.

Some other curated selections: (more selections here)



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We hope that helps with your selection of apparels and gifts!


Whether you’re a revolutionary HR leader, the HR Onboarding specialist or the dedicated employee engagement professional, we at Newsy Prints would love to support you!


Feel free to browse through our catalogues for some inspiration, or our custom-made guide to have an idea about t-shirt customisation. When you’re ready, get an obligation-free quotation and discussion with us at or 65 93380062!

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