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The power of org. culture and lifting employee spirits in trying times

Update: This campaign is closed 🙁 However, we still do bulk orders for single delivery/pickup. Contact us for more!

Be remembered as the cool company that actually cares.

For employees. And for the community.


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TL;DR. Strengthen your organisational culture in this trying time and keep your employees motivated, rejuvenated and spirits high. Send them a gift that not only shows you care for them as well as the community, but that also reinforce your internal branding. 

Send them a WECARE T-Shirt

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WFH and Organisational Culture


While Circuit Breaker measures gradually ease in Singapore post June 1 and as Singapore looks to open in 3 phases, many organisations that can are being encouraged to continue telecommuting or work-from-home (WFH) arrangements for public safety.


Amidst other workplace discomfort and inconvenience that WFH arrangement brings out, one often overlooked factor is the organisational culture. In the traditional office environment, the culture is driven by norms, face-to-face interactions and principles. But as we move the workplace environment to the comfort of our home, in our self-driven domain, our own daily routines direct our culture.


And organisational culture affects employee engagement, job satisfaction, productivity and talent retention.


While everyone is indiscriminately affected greatly by this pandemic (though some more than others), there are still more organisations can do to keep employees engaged and connected to the organisational culture as we foresee WFH arrangement continuing for an extended period and perhaps becoming the new norm.



Employee engagement and keeping their spirits high


In fact, this could be a perfect opportunity to re-engage employees, re-affirm your strong organisational culture and rejuvenate them as prolonged limited social interactions affect their well-being and productivity.



“While our employees play their part and commit to social distancing to keep everyone safe, we, as employers, could do ours and close up the gap in the traditionally distant employer-employee relationship.”



And by that, we don’t mean your periodic Zoom/Virtual town-halls. Or timely email blasts from HR/Management. Or positive social media messages. Yes, those are crucial and necessary. But they serve different purposes. They give employees a clearer picture of the stand and direction of the organisation, but they do little to define your organisational culture or keep your employees’ spirits up.



So what can be done?


Get Personal.


Be Practical.


Something Physical.


Realise that internal marketing is just as important as external marketing. Utilise the marketing budget and build that powerful emotional connection with your employees.



What should we get then?


Fruit hampers are fine.


Gifts/chocolates are nice.


These kind gestures go a long way in establishing that trust and bond with your employees. But that served purpose is probably as short-lived as those same gifts they also received from their friends/families.



Try custom-printed Corporate T-Shirts.


With your logo (to remind them they still work for your organisation). And with a motivational line that represents your culture.





For that employee going back to office.


For that employee jaded from working from home.


For that employee newly joined and lost..



Show them that we care.


Send them a gift (a t-shirt and a card).


Entirely customisable.

Corporate WFH Care Tee

It is practical – Your employees can skip their awkward home-clothes and wear it for their Zoom/virtual meetings or wear it to sleep.

It spreads positivity – A good message printed on the t-shirt sends good vibes and illustrates to employees they matter, and they are working in tandem with the organisation.

It is branding – It’s not just because your company logo is printed and branded on the t-shirt. It sends a genuine corporate message across to your employees – that your organisation cares for them.

It lasts – The t-shirt, without a doubt, would last longer than this pandemic. And your organisation will be remembered on a long-lasting positive light; with that t-shirt sitting in your employees’ wardrobe to always remind them.

It is value for money – The many benefits reap from merely sending a t-shirt to your employees far outweighs the little cost of it.

It is customisable – You decide the designs and design your own unique message to be printed. 100% customisation.


– Entirely customisable

– Individual deliveries included (fees apply)

Free add-on customised card

Some sample designs for illustration purposes. Full customisation available.

Show your support and care for the community at the same time!

In partnership with:

Care Community Services Singapore

and more upcoming!

Corporate WFH Care T-Shirt + Community Care

Opt for an add-on printing to exhibit your care and support for the community as well!


    • Silkscreen printing on the back of the T-Shirt (optional)
    • Additional printing on customised card to employees


The additional add-on amount goes entirely to our community partners, Club Rainbow Singapore and Care Community Services Singapore, to aid in the support and empowerment of children with chronic illnesses and their families, as well as children from disadvantaged families respectively.


Corporate WFH Care T-Shirt_NEWSYPRINTS


Corporate_Care_Community T-Shirt

Sample Card Design:

Sample Customised Card Design_back

^Sample design, customisation available.

Corporate Donations

If you would just like to make a direct corporate donation to our community partners, or would like to reach out to them directly for a partnership, feel free to drop us an email and we will link you up with our partners* at Club Rainbow Singapore and/or Care Community Services Society.


*We are only acting as a voluntary third-party to help these organisations have a wider outreach to obtain support and help from organisations and corporate. We do not retain any benefits, commissions or sorts; and this is done purely as a voluntary community involvement / CSR effort on our part.

Corporate Sponsorship / Involvement

Our community partners have ongoing fund-raising projects / activities of their own and we’ll also share them here so if you’d like to support these projects/activities directly*, stay tuned, or let us know if you’re interested to know more! We’ll update more below! 


*We are only acting as a voluntary third-party to help these organisations have a wider outreach to obtain support and help from organisations and corporate. We do not retain any benefits, commissions or sorts; and this is done purely as a voluntary community involvement / CSR effort on our part.

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How to order?

How to order?

Contact us for a quote here!


    • T-Shirts


For a faster, simpler, cheaper yet value option, we recommend just simply a round-neck T-Shirt, either a Quick-Dry material (akin to Dri-Fit) or a Cotton material. Colors are depicted in the product details.


For sizes, you may opt for individual sizes if you have your employees’ sizes. Otherwise, we recommend you go for generic sizes (it’s ultimately the thought that counts!). For females, you may go for M size. For males, you may go for L/XL sizes.



    • Designs


For simplicity sake, we recommend a simple design with a combination of your company logo and a line of motivational words. Preferably a single color print for both logo and words for that minimalistic style and for  a lower price.


If you only have a few colors, we suggest using Silkscreen printing. Otherwise, if your designs are complicated and have multiple designs, we suggest going for Heat-Transfer printing. You may refer to Custom T-Shirt Printing Guide to understand more about the different kinds of printing.


You may use our simple design studio to depict your customised T-Shirt, choosing either the Quick-Dry product or the Cotton Product. The colors for the T-Shirt are displayed in the Design Studio itself already.



    • Process


Once you have your designs ready and estimated quantity, drop us a quotation here!


We’ll return as soon as possible on the costs and once you’re agreeable, we’ll request for more details (e.g. size quantities, etc.).



    • Delivery


We’ll endeavor to print the t-shirts within 1-2 weeks (depending on the availability and quantity) and have it shipped out after. If you have your own delivery method, we can deliver it in one batch to your office. Otherwise, we can arrange for individual deliveries to your employees.

Ending Note


COVID-19 might very well be written as one of the worst pandemic in history and as we also go through possibly one of the worst economic crisis in history, this is a significant moment in time that everyone will remember – you want your organisation to be remembered on a positive note during and after it.

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