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#Hustle – Startups Brand Kit: The effective brand promotion

Update: This campaign is closed 🙁 However, we still do bulk orders for single delivery/pickup. Contact us for more!

Leave an impression deep enough to make all that hustling worth it. With the investors. With your potential customers. With your employees. With yourself.


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For startups, a brand kit packs a punch with an affordable budget. 


Wear it for the investor’s pitch. Wear it to the tradeshow and event. Wear it for the everyday hustling. Or give it away to expand their brand familiarity.


First and foremost, it builds the base of your brand identity and awareness, especially for pre-seed and seed startups. This is the time to get your brand’s reach as wide as possible, be it for a wider audience and customer base, or to that investor or VC firm. 


Coupled with good designs, a brand promotional product leaves a deep impression with your potential target. An ideal startup promotional product is like making a good, short pitch to gain the short interest span of your potential investor. 


For a pre-seed startup running on minimal funding, it’s not just an affordable promotional tool, it also keeps you going strong. Your startup branded t-shirt or gift serves as a constant motivation to you, reminding you of the hard-work you’ve put in, and spurs you on.


It always builds that internal brand loyalty and pride within your employees who are striving hard to help build the startup.


Below is an example of an excellent startup brand t-shirt (by Twilio) that shows the brand logo, yet does not turn the t-shirt into a generic advertisement with a screamingly loud logo right on the chest.


It has an ideal size of their brand logo, and at the same time, with an artwork that perfectly illustrates their product and helps people make that connection between their brand and their product offering.


Additionally, when your startup’s growth accelerates and has accumulated a large following, it is also then a great time to retain that customer loyalty. Offer and sell your own startup brand merchandise!


p.s. T-Shirt marketing has been proved to be a very effective and viable marketing strategy for that growth-hacking. Check out Sujan Patel’s blog post about how Single Grain gave away t-shirts for free and expanded their brand outreach and familiarity and earned $980K.

Newsy Prints_Startups TShirts and Apparels



While others wear suits to work, t-shirts are the uniform at startups and tech companies. 


It goes without us saying that startups t-shirts and apparels are the most basic must-have. It is, no doubt, the most effective tool to build your brand.

Whether you’re a pre-seed startup that just begin hustling and building your brand and product, and trying to score a meeting with the investors/VC firms,


Or the seed startup rapidly building your team and securing the investment fundings in the seed stages,


Or the early stage and/or mature startup scaling and growing fast and growth-hacking to increase and retain your custom base,

At Newsy Prints, we can provide you with affordable apparels suitable for your budget, with high-quality garment with a good fit – that is not only just for promotional purposes, but also perfect for the everyday wear while you’re hustling.


Coupled with your own custom design artwork, we can produce that ideal apparel for you!


Check out our full guide on how to customise apparels with Newsy Prints!


Dri-fit or Cotton T-Shirts with customised printing

Custom printed T-Shirts with Corporate Logo


They are affordable, comfortable and an excellent promotional tool. Additionally, it is comfortable and perfectly suitable for that everyday wear and hustle.


We recommend either a dri-fit (Micro Fibre Interlock) or a Tetron Cotton Flat Knit round neck t-shirt!


Polo T-Shirts with embroidery for a more executive look

Custom embroidered Polo T-Shirts


They are more professional looking yet comfortable to wear at the same time. If round-neck t-shirts are too casual, Polo T-Shirts might be the better choice for you. Wear them for the client meetings or for the investor’s pitch!


We recommend Tetron Cotton Lacoste or PK for the more professional look.

Executive Jacket with a classy look

Custom-printed Jacket / Windbreaker


Jackets and Windbreakers need not only be for sportswear. It can be used to exude a more professional look, and at the same time, keep you warm in that air-conditioned office.


We recommend the Executive Jacket for the professional look or a Windbreaker for a more casual vibe.

Some other curated selections: (more selections here!)



Newsy Prints_Startups tshirts and brand kit

We hope that helps with your selection of apparels and gifts!


Whether you’re pre-seed startup founder, a growing seed startup or a early-growth or mature startup, we at Newsy Prints would love to support you!


Feel free to browse through our catalogues for some inspiration, or our custom-made guide to have an idea about t-shirt customisation. When you’re ready, get an obligation-free quotation and discussion with us at or 65 93380062!

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