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#Strengthen – Get your gym merchandise and strengthen your brand!

Bad pun intended


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Note: While this article speaks about gyms in general, our content below is also relevant to other Health & Fitness professionals and business, including Yoga Studios, Dance Studios, Massage Therapy Centers, Fitness/Wellness Centers, and more, that are also undeniably (at least to us) essential services that are committed to improving the health and wellness of people.

Part 1: 5 Reasons to get your Gym Merchandise


1. It builds a unique identity among members

“Oh eh, you also go to that gym ah? Me too!”


Apart from joining a gym to improve their health and well-being, people join and stay longer because of the social interactions they experienced there, the bond they built with other members and the community they feel a sense of belonging to. When everyone in the gym is wearing the same gym branded outfit, it incentives newcomers to join in and purchase the gym merchandise as well.


Gym merchandises help build that identity. When your members carry your merchandises, they would feel they belong to an exclusive community of people passionate in health and wellness. When they see others outside carrying the same merchandise, it helps strike a conversation and build the new friendship.

2. It increases brand awareness and loyalty

“I’m a fitspo and the muscle tone you are seeing now is trained from this gym you see on my t-shirt.” – Inner thoughts of your gym members when they walk outside


Your members carrying your gym merchandise outside are essentially walking advertisements as well as product of your gym. Advertisement in the sense that  they help you spread the name and brand of your gym so more people are aware of it. Product in the sense that their physical appearance are the fruits of your (and of course theirs) labour. They represent your brand when they carry your merchandise and hang outside.


Once your members purchase your merchandise, it is like locking a commitment to a long-term relationship with your gym. They are proud to wear and carry them, and are more likely to stay longer. While we don’t have the statistics, we can rather confidently say that it helps them stay loyal to your brand.

3. It sends a positive message about physical fitness, health, and well-being

“Wah another fit guy. Am I missing out, should i join also?” – The member of the public that kept seeing gym members wearing gym-branded t-shirt


Sometimes, it’s less about the brand, but more about the positive vibes sent. While the merchandise your members wear carries your brand, it also sends the message out there about health and fitness. Because everytime a member of the public sees it, they are reminded of the benefits of upkeeping good health and fitness and it is imprinted in their mind.

4. It’s an additional revenue stream

“One more income stream to maintain the high maintenance of a gym”


The fixed cost of running a gym or a fitness center is, without a doubt, high. An additional stream of income helps to maintain that facility required to keep people fit. 


And when people purchase, they purchase more for the brand. As a sign of support. And as a sign of contribution. Besides, your merchandise are mostly practical and functional items essential for the gym session.

5. It provides additional value to your members

“Oh today is gym day. Need to bring my gym essentials”


On top of everything, your merchandise is also a convenience to your members. It’s one less to worry about and think what to wear and bring to the gym.


They just need to bring your gym kit to the gym on the gym day. Also, if they forgot to bring any gym essentials, they can just purchase or borrow your gym merchandise to get by the day’s gym session without having to make the trip back home. 

“Thanks for reading up to this point. You truly have that endurance and perseverance a gym owner or a gym-goer should have :)” – Newsy Prints

Part 2: The Gym go-to essentials – some ideas for your gym merchandises

We list some genuine ideas and curated products for your gym merchandise (though you might already know). Most items listed below are products we carry and can custom-made or print your brand/logo for you. 


Starting of the list with Apparels (T-Shirts and Jackets) – our bread and butter.


Check out our full guide on how to customise apparels with Newsy Prints!



Gym-branded t-shirts are a non-brainer and a must-have. It is the go-to merchandise that every gym should have. 


Quick-dry round-neck t-shirt

Quick-dry (or broadly known as Dri-fit) is a polyester fabric that moves sweat away from the skin to the surface, evaporates quickly and keeps athletes dry and comfortable while they work out.


This could be used by your members during gym workouts.



Brand Effectiveness


Newsy Prints Recommendation:

We recommend QD56 or custom-made with MF Eyelet or MF Interlock!



Everyday-wear t-shirt

Not everyone likes to wear dri-fit material when they’re not working out. But it is also an opportunity to provide other t-shirt materials for your gym members to wear on their day-off!



Brand Effectiveness


Newsy Prints Recommendation:

We recommend Cotton – CT60 (though 100% cotton have its downsides: holds sweat and moisture, prone to shrinkage) and 26TC SINGLE KNIT (a more popular choice!).



Polo T-Shirt<