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Our Core Offerings

Custom T-shirts / Apparel

Newsy Prints provides a variety of custom t-shirt/apparels to choose from. This includes Shirt Types like Roundneck T-shirt, Long Sleeve / Short Sleeve Polo T-shirt, Mandarin Collar as well as T-shirt Materials like Quickdry, Cotton, Honeycomb materials. On top of this, we provide custom printing and designs, allowing you to provide your own ideal designs (e.g. logo) and tailor-made/custom-made apparel designs.


Custom Corporate Uniform

Newsy Prints provides a variety of custom-made Corporate Uniforms to suit your needs - be it uniforms for retail staff, overalls for contractors and construction workers, or for any other purposes. This includes Corporate Uniforms, Coveralls, Vests, Jackets, and etc; we can supply, custom-made and custom print.Contact us for a customised solution!


Corporate Calendars

Companies often procure Corporate Calendar with custom logo printing, be it for internal employee supplies, corporate marketing tool or as a public relation gift. Newsy Prints provides a variety of calendar designs for you to choose, and provides hotstamping solution to print your corporate details.


Corporate Gifts

Newsy Prints provides thousands of gift selections for you to choose from, ranging from cups/mugs and stationery to bags and umbrellas. We also provide printing solution so these gifts could be given away as a corporate marketing tool or employee onboarding freebie.


Printing and Supply Solutions

Newsy Prints provides customised printing solutions for your apparels, gifts and calendars. Be it silkscreen printing or logo embroidery on shirts/T-shirts, hot-stamping on calendars or printing solutions on gifts..

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