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Understanding how to order

custom t-shirt/apparel printing


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Be it choosing our ready-made apparels with custom printing, or customising your custom-made t-shirts / apparels with our factories from scratch,

we do it properly and fuss-free for you!


Understand our different stages in our custom t-shirt ordering process below:

Step 1
Understanding requirements

Before making a custom t-shirt order or custom printing on a ready-made apparel, it’s also good to ensure you have a good understanding of the type of apparel that best suits your needs.


Afterwards, you may either browse our ready-made apparel catalogues and add on some custom printing, or simply opt straight for a custom-made t-shirt apparel straight out of our factory.

Step 2
Get a Quotation

Next, send us a quotation with the apparel type, design (with any), material, quantity, printing designs, budgets and other requirements. We will endeavour to get back within 1-2 days.


For ready-made apparels, you can simply browse the shop and add to Enquiry Basket, and proceed to fill the the form at the Cart and send us the enquiry.


For custom-made apparels, you can fill up the Quotation Form to guide you through the information to submit, necessary for a quotation.


Alternatively, you may just drop us a message at our email ( or whatsapp us at 9338 0062.

Step 3
Confirm Order

Once you are agreeable with the quotation, we will then send you a Confirm Order to initiate the purchase process. Production will only start upon confirmation and signing of the Confirm Order.


A 50% deposit will be collected here as it is necessary for us to maintain a deposit before mass production commence with our factory partners, especially in the event of a cancellation for a large quantity order.


Payments can be made via Cash, Cheque or Bank Transfer.

Step 4
Approve Artwork

Usually in conjunction with the Confirm Order, we will also send a rough digital sketch of the t-shirt/apparel artwork for your approval.


The artwork is merely a visual depiction of order and to highlight details and specifications of the custom-made apparel.


Here, we’ll need your approval and sign-off on the artwork (i.e. the colors, size of logos, placement, etc.). Once the artwork is sent to our factory and the factory has built the printing block/mould, any subsequent changes to the artwork designs will have additional costs!

Step 5
Obtain sample (if required)

You may also request for a sample to vet the designs and quality before we commit for mass production at the factory.


However, we may collect payment for the sample costs as the printing of the sample (similar to mass production) requires the making for the printing block/mould. We may discount it if the printing quantity is high. Regardless, feel free to inform us of your requirements/concerns during the order process.

Step 6
Factory Mass Production

Once the order and artwork is confirmed, we will inform our factory for mass production.


The lead time for production can range from 2 – 8 weeks (or more), depending on the complexity of the apparel project.


If you need your t-shirts/apparels urgently, do inform us earlier and we’ll work out with our factory to try and achieve your time-line. While we’ll always do our best to commit to the time-line, there could be many factors that might result in delays. Hence, do note to provide some buffer in between, in case of any unforeseen delays (for e.g. production delays, delivery, etc.).

Step 7
Arrange for delivery / self-collection

Once we have obtain the t-shirt/apparel package from our factory, we will contact you again for delivery of the package.


We can perform the delivery or you may opt for a self-collection. Delivery fee may be charged depending on the quantity or arrangement.


The remaining payment terms would be cash-on-delivery. Payments can be made via Cash, Cheque or Bank Transfer.

That’s it!


Contact us to get your custom t-shirt order going!

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