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Affinity Collection

There are many occasions and celebrations every year, including New Year, Lunar New Year, Hari Raya, Deepavali, Christmas and more!


At every occasion, gifting a Season Greeting Card to your employees, your partners, your customers goes a long way to strengthen that relationship. 


Newsy Prints also prints and supplies these greeting cards, red packets and mandarin carriers with your company/brand design hotstamping or printing to personalise and customise your gifts!


Below is our partner,, a specialist in corporate greeting and gift products in Singapore. They offer an extensive selection of quality Season Greeting Cards, Lunar New Year Cards, Red Packets and Orange Carriers for Lunar New Year, Green Packets for Hari Raya, and Yellow Packets for Deepavali!


You may browse through their wonderful catalogue below (mobile users would have to directly visit their website to browse), and place an order with us for printing and supply. Contact us at or call/whatsapp us at 93380062 to enquire!

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