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Exploring the Science behind ‘Dri Fit’.

Exploring the Science behind ‘Dri Fit’.

As we all know, dri fit material is made from polyester fabric.

So, what is ‘polyester’?

Polyester is a relatively new fabric and was created in 1941. It became increasingly popular after it was advertised as “a miracle fibre that can be worn for 68 days straight without ironing, and still look presentable”. It always had some controversy as back in the 1970s, it was known to be a cheap yet uncomfortable fabric. However, modern polyester is a completely man-made fabric. It is durable, stretchy and soft. Its scientific name is Polyethylene Terephthalate and Polyester is its shortened name. Scientists combine the monomers ethylene glycol and dimethyl terephthalate to form chains that produce polyester. Polyester, a synthetic polymer manufactured in laboratories, has several practical applications in the fabric production world. Special chemical properties give polyester its unique and useful properties. 

Some Science behind this ‘magic’ material 

A polymer is a large structure that consists of many parts chained together sequentially. Let us share a little more on how polyester gets its ‘magic’ properties from its large molecular structure!

Strength & durability Stain resistant & quick to dry Creation of new fabrics
Since the molecules are big and hard to pull apart, it is difficult to separate them. The fibres used to create polyester are very strong yet lightweight. Due to its resistant nature, it is a highly popular fabric in both the fashion and outdoor sports industry. In addition, polyester is heat sensitive and has good resistance to light and UV radiation, making it a good material to use under high sun exposure. Ever spilled something on your cotton clothings? It would be quite a mess to clean up! Stains on dri fit apparels are washable as polyester is stain resistant and also resistant to most chemicals. It can be easily washed and dried at home. Also, polyester is wrinkle resistant and does not crease easily. We do not need to worry about ironing them after washing! It is much easier to maintain dri fit shirts, as compared to cotton shirts. When polyester is combined with other fibres, its fabric can be dyed easily and its shape can be retained well. The resultant fabric blends features from both materials. In a polyester-cotton blend, the new material is now comfortable, wrinkle-free and has improved absorbency. In a polyester-wool blend, a stronger, more durable wool garment is now formed together with good elasticity.

In summary, technological advances have substantially improved the feel, material and look of polyester. Modern polyesters can now feel and look as beautiful as natural fabrics like silk and wool. Polyester is definitely commonly used in fabric blending, mainly to increase durability and ease of care.

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