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What exactly is ‘Dri Fit’?

What exactly is ‘Dri Fit’?

The word “Dri Fit” is the first thought that comes into our mind when we want to do customised printing, corporate, personal or any forms of T-shirt printing.

But, what do you actually know about this ‘Dri Fit’ material? Let us share a little more with you.

Dri Fit, as the name suggests, is a fabric material that is fit to be dry. Dri Fit t-shirts are mainly defined by their weaving methods, which gives each variation their own unique characteristic. The main fabric used in making dri-fit material is microfibre or polyester fabric. Dri fit shirts are made from 100% polyester. Learn more about the polyester material here! Dri fit apparels are indeed one of the most popular preference among us these days. Here are some reasons why:


Regardless of the intensity of your activities, dri fit material allows you to feel dry almost all the time. It soaks the moisture away from your skin easily and allows quick evaporation of your sweat. You will always feel clean and dry wearing them!


While dri fit t-shirt comes in various combinations of fabrics, most of them have a slightly silkier feeling as compared to cotton t-shirts. It is easy on the skin, making it perfect for comfort! It allows you to stay dry and cool always.


Polyester-based material is very strong and lasting. This makes dri fit t-shirts extremely durable against wear and tear, even during intense sports activities. It is also generally more long-lasting compared to cotton t shirts.

While dri fit makes a great choice for clothing, there are concerns that some may have. After all, dri fit material is a man-made fabric, as compared to natural choices such as silk, cotton or wool. Though it isn’t common, it may sometimes cause small irritation for those with extremely sensitive skin. If you have experienced wearing dri fit t-shirts that are uncomfortable, warm to wear and does not absorb sweat, it could be that the shirts are made from pure old traditional polyester, which are a lot cheaper in manufacturing.

Nonetheless, materials are still subjected to individual preference! At Newsyprints, we work to provide good quality shirts and t-shirt printing services to you. We always encourage customers to drop by our office, or enquire clearly with regards to t-shirt materials before confirming their orders.

We are now offering a 10% discount on your first purchase if you quote BLOG2020 in your enquiry.

Looking forward to serving you at Newsyprints! 🙂

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